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We are thrilled that you are considering working with us for your overnight delivery solutions. With Tendring Express Services, you will always talk to our exceptionally friendly and proficient Customer Care team, who will give you an immediate response to your call

New Customers

Day To Day Contact

We will be your consistent point of contact, giving you advice on our services and options, as well as fulfilling your day-to-day needs such as booking your collections.
We will provide you with the paperwork and service labels that you’ll need, plus a supply of self-seal Mail Packs and Courier Packs.

Online Booking and Tracking

We can set you up with our online booking and tracking system at the same time as setting up your account.
We are on-hand to give advise on our integration system as it works with your existing back-office systems.
Delivery can automatically be booked with Tendring Express Services, including printing delivery documentation at remote fulfilment locations as required.
Our bespoke services, regular collections, remote pickups, security services and much more are no problem with Tendring Express Services Ltd.

Complete the on-line forms

Returning our completed on-line Credit Application & APC-Overnight Liability cover is quick, easy and convenient.
Once in receipt of your completed forms, we will process them and inform you of your account and online booking details as quickly as possible.


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